Dear Visitor - My first solo show was a great success - 33 paintings were shown and 3 painting sold during the show.  

Heaven and Earth Exhibition

   Artist Statement:My work is inspired by my feelings about my environment – Seen and Unseen.  This show is a story about food, water, oxygen and a journey to the heavens.  My philosophy is that we are all connected and want to share a state of joy, happiness and freedom.  In this show I am starting to explore connections of mankind to the universe.    My paintings are luminescent achieved by layering many colours on top of each other.    Each painting is completed with drawn lines to isolate these colours and to emphasis contours.  I prefer to work in oil paints because of its proven endurance and use a limited palette of yellow, red, blue, black and white.   I like to be playful with perspective and enjoy exploration of plastic space on a flat surface.  I am trying to provoke a feeling using a visual image.   All of my of my paintings at this show is neatly wrapped with black opaque canvas tape to allow the image to float.  Paintings are ready for framing by the buyer.
 "I try to express how I feel through my imagination" – April Dyck

About the Artist: April is a self-taught artist and disciplines herself by drawing and painting everyday.   She had completed her foundation year of Fine Arts at Victoria College of Art, BC, 2004.   She continues her classical study of drawing the human form and uses her sketches and drawings as a jumping off point to create paintings of a spiritual nature.   She has show at the Pearl Ellis Gallery (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013), Edward and Parnell Barber Shoppe (2008), Tarbell’s’ Gallery Café (2009), Comox Valley Art Gallery (2009, 2011, 2012), Muir Gallery (2012).   Member of the Comox Valley Community Arts Council, Pearl Ellis Gallery and Brushworks Paint Group.