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Portrait Paintings

April Dyck portrait portraits are vastly different than her contemporaries.  Any qualified artist can paint a portrait to represent your loved one, but why not capture their personality and essence as well?  Why just paint a figure?  That is what separates April Dyck from her peers, her ability to paint life in the portrait and encapsulate a moment forever.  There is nothing lifeless or stagnant about April Dyck's portrait paintings:  they breathe, they respond to your gaze, and they live forever in a moment. 

What a beautiful and timeless gift - a gift of immortality.  Unlike a photograph, a portrait is a keepsake, an heirloom, and a treasure to be passed down for generations.  More importantly your investment in this commissioned artwork will continue to appreciate in value.

Portrait Commission of Andrea Perron,

Oil on cradled panel, 24"x34", 2018

Portrait Commission Procedure

The project will begin with the client emailing the artist with a rough idea of the project, the subject matter and a timeline.  Please keep in mind the artist works in oil paint requiring a drying time.  The portrait can take up to six months to complete.  

The artist will then have a telephone consultation with the client and a high-resolution digital photograph (300 dpi-print quality) or physical photographs will be requested by April Dyck from the client.

After receiving the photo reference Aprill Dyck will approve or provide the client with a sketch if necessary.  Upon approval by the client, the artist will email or mail a contract to the client.

Who Commissions Portrait Paintings?  

People looking to fulfill special needs.  Some examples include:  Baptism, Maternity, Family Portraits, Weddings, Memorials, Benefactor Portraits for hospitals and various other organizations.  April Dyck treats each situation with empathy and professionalism.